Business valuation is the blending of art and science to determine the value or
worth of an interest in a privately held company. Value determinations are most
commonly needed for the following reasons:

Inaccurately prepared valuation analyses and conclusions can lead to the
unintended consequences of an overstatement of gift and estate taxes,
inadequate sales price consideration, overpayment for an acquired business
interest, and inequitable division of community assets in a divorce action.

The careful preparation of a valuation analysis requires the analyst to consider
many internal and external business factors which have a bearing on the
ultimate value: the subject company’s history and evolution, products and
services, operations, staff and management abilities, facilities, customer base,
marketing channels, competition, suppliers, financial strength, historical results of
operations, local, regional and national economic conditions, industry conditions,
prior sales of ownership interests, existence of intangible assets, and dividend
paying capacity. For professional practices, the owner’s age, health, education,
knowledge, skill, reputation and relative success are the drivers of value.

Assessing these many factors requires skills only obtained  through specialized
education, training and experience.  Mr. Kornblatt has been valuing businesses
and professional practices for over fifteen years; he performs all Firm valuation
assignments.  In addition to being a Certified Public Accountant, he is a Certified
Valuation Analyst, a designation granted by the National Association of Certified
Valuation Analysts, (“NACVA”).  

NACVA is a global, professional association that supports the business valuation,
litigation consulting, and fraud deterrence disciplines within the CPA and
professional business advisory communities. NACVA’s membership of nearly 6,000
professionals, including about 4,800 certified public accountants, have obtained
certification after receiving extensive educational training, passing a rigorous
examination, and submitting a sample valuation for assessment.  CVAs are also
required to continue their training and education by submitting to continuing re-
certification requirements.

Valuation clients of KORNBLATT & Co. are secure in knowing that all valuation
engagements undertaken by the Firm are performed pursuant to the rigorous
professional standards imposed by the American Institute of Certified Public
Accountants and the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts.
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