Forensic accounting is that specialized area of accounting or financial analysis
used by consulting or testifying financial experts to assist attorneys (and their
clients) in the process of litigation.  Not all CPAs desire or are trained to perform
this service.

  • Inspecting and analyzing books and records to determine misappropriation,
    defalcation or fraud.

  • Determining “income available for support”.

  • Reimbursement analyses.

  • Pereira/Van Camp and Moore/Marsden calculations.

  • Performing  tracings to establish ownership interests in assets in connection
    with a divorce.

  • Documenting owner or employee abuse of business perquisites.

  • Investigation claims for unreported income and/or tax fraud.

  • Assisting attorneys with requests for documents and deposition and cross
    examination questioning of opposing financial experts.

  • Rebuttal testimony.

  • Analyzing post-trial judgments.

These, and other forensic accounting tasks have been performed, effectively, by
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Certified Public Accountants, APC