The qualified testifying expert’s specialized knowledge, expertise, experience,
credibility and understanding of the litigation process can often make the
difference in the litigator’s success or failure in advocating his/her client’s position.

These are some of the areas in which KORNBLATT & Co., specialized expertise and
experience can provide added value to the attorney and his/her clients.

Mr. Kornblatt’s vast experience as a former IRS field agent, “Big 8” auditor, public-
company controller, certified public accountant, certified valuation analyst,
community college business and accounting instructor, seasoned testifying
expert, and §730 Evaluator has prepared him to take on a variety of litigation
consulting challenges.  With this diverse background, he has the unique capacity
to assimilate and interpret technical financial, economic, and tax information
from a variety of complex sources and situations.  

Analyzing and interpreting complex financial information, however, is only part
of the picture.  Articulately communicating the relevant meaning of the
information to diverse audiences involved in the litigation setting is one of our
primary goals in all of our litigation consulting assignments.  Mr. Kornblatt takes
pride in his ability to translate and communicate the technical language of
accounting in a way that can be understood by non-accountants. Sophisticated
computer generated graphics, charts, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint™
presentations are also frequently used to make sense of the numbers.
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Partner/Owner Disputes
Court accountings
Insurance Claims
Eminent domain
Professional Malpractice
Damage assessments associated with:
wrongful death, wrongful
termination and personal injury
Valuations in connection with buy/sell
agreement disputes
Business interruption
Certified Public Accountants, APC